Friday, May 18, 2012

An ALTERnative Experience In Theatricality

By Bryan Cain-Jackson

Never before has theater been a more moving, emotional and intimate experience than it is in the AlterTheater Ensemble’s production of References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot – an Obie Award winning production written by Oscar nominee Jose Rivera.

The ensemble cast consists of a charismatic and sexy group of actors – a cast that is so enticing in performances and overall presence – it makes watching the story of an offbeat set of characters battling through conflict appear more alluring and attractive.

The AlterTheater Ensemble offers the audience a chance to connect with the cast in a way that traditional theater does not.

The ensemble inhabits vacant storefronts, furniture stores, and various other different spaces outside of the traditional theater setting to perform their shows.

These spaces tend to make the audience feel part of the conflict in the story – we watch in hopes for a resolution to these characters that we become deeply and emotionally invested in.

This type of theater is often called Guerilla Theater – a frankly more inventive and “out-of-the-box” method of delivering performances to audiences.

The show is in its last weekend and will close on May, 20th.  See it in San Rafael, CA.  For more information on AlterTheater – visit their website AlterTheater Ensemble.

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